Fields such as energy technology, mechanical engineering, materials, electricity and electronics, architecture, chemistry and biotechnology applied in:

  • Building installations/techniques (HVAC installations, protection against burglary, access control, fire protection, domotica and other forms of building management and security systems, solar panels and other types of alternative energy)
  • Low, middle and high tension installations (private and public installations)
  • Electronics, process steering (amongst others PLCs)
  • CNC – and classic metal craft and woodworking machinery
  • Various forms of automation
  • All sorts of extrusion and packaging machines, robotization
  • All types of fixed and rolling equipment
  • Land tanks and mobile tanks (risks with regard to liquid storage)
  • Steam installations/techniques
  • Biogas central stations and CHPs (co-generation to combine heat and power)
  • Sun, wind, water, and other types of alternative energy (also CHPs)
  • Medical and graphic applications
  • Turbines and generators
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nuclear installations