Paul Lavigne Paul
function Senior Loss Adjuster
residence Aartselaar
telephone +32 475 62.09.94


Civil Electro-technical mechanical engineer at K.U.L. (Catholic University of Leuven-Louvain)


  • Head of department Electro-mechanical maintenance of underground at KS
  • Director GTI, GTI Electro Thijs and GTI Technical Maintenance Brussels
  • Owner of a consultancy office, specialised in electrical high tension and low tension installations – whether or not gas-safe
  • Maintenance of buildings and construction of steam installations
  • Qualified in the field of tunnelling, drilling, pressing and similar
  • Many years’ experience in follow-up of legal proceedings third party liability, CAR, machinery breakdown.

Former loss adjuster at the international loss adjusters company GAB Robins Belgium NV